You started your own business to be your own boss, to set your own hours, be less stressed and of course to earn more money...!!

But it hasn't quite worked out that way... your business OWNS you! You work too many hours, have too much to do, your financials are confusing, overwhelming or just plain boring... and despite your best efforts, you still don't get paid enough!!

But, you KNOW you have a great business capable of putting you first and achieving your dreams, if only you could find that magic formula for profit...  

We are here to help, we have your back, every step of the way…

Profit Hackers our membership club and it's your 
Entrepreneurs Blueprint for Profit…

We are here to help you achieve your dream income without the financial overwhelm.

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PROFIT Should Unashamedly Be The First Priority
In Your Business, Not Revenue...

Why? Because profit buys you freedom and options. 

Imagine the difference it make to you and to your family if you could achieve your profit goal.

And by that, I mean your personal profit goal - your take home pay goal.

£1,000? £2,000? £5,000? Or £10,000 per month?

Profit Hackers is all about making sure the hard work, time and effort you are investing into your business pays you back!

 You are the most important person in your business and your business should be set up to make sure YOU get paid first.

 It’s ok to want to make more profit, to take home more pay, to have more cash in the bank, to free up more time for yourself and to have more control over your financials so you can make more impact in the world. 

Profit Hackers will show you how. 

In a moment, I'm going to share with you the three things that you can really do to turn your profitability around and more importantly, what's keeping you stuck, without getting overwhelmed by the numbers. 

 But before I get into that, allow me to introduce myself...

Meet Lisa and Harry


Who are WE to advise YOU on profit?!

We are qualified accountants whose day job is LITERALLY to help businesses make profit! 

It’s the best part of our job! 
Lisa & Harry

Lisa Dickson

CGMA, MBA, DiPM, Prince2 Practitioner
  • Mum of 2, wife to Paul and just like you – small business owner!
  • ​Chartered Management Accountant obsessed with helping small business owners build super successful businesses.
  • ​Loves Elvis! 😎
  • ​And Marmite ! 😁

Harry Daglish

  • Husband to Naomi, first-time house owner and ‘Dad’ to Tipsy the Tortoise.
  • ​Chartered Management Accountant with a love of tools, tech, teaching and forecasting.
  • ​Loves all animals and chocolate! 🤭
  • ​And salad! 😇
"I'm fascinated by numbers and the way that businesses work and I have been doing this for a really long time. The reality is many business owners, especially my six, seven and eight figure clients only got to where they are because they truly started to understand their numbers and focus on the profit. 

Once they had this down, things just started to flow because they knew exactly what the cash flow needed to be. And they knew exactly how much money needed to come in every single month to be able to take home what they wanted. 

Once you have an understanding of these two processes, of profitability and cash flow, you're able to spend smartly and invest wisely in what you need to do. 

So no longer do you work for your money, but you turn your money into the slave it was meant to be, i.e. working for you, producing more money, and of course more profitability for what you do.

Imagine, for a moment if you could quickly and easily look at your financials and essentially know exactly where your profits and losses are... 

Imagine having full control over your cash, knowing that you have enough money in the bank to pay yourself a generous livable wage, cover your business expenses, and pay your taxes when they fall due.

Imagine having a business that builds an 'owners profit' pot, just for you - a pot to draw on when you want to do something special or exciting with the people you love most. 

Now, it wasn't always this way for many of our clients... they often come to us because they are not achieving the profits they want. We've worked with them to set their businesses up for profit, how to control their cash and how to invest their time and money to make more money.

The way I've actually designed Profit Hackers is really simple. 

It's based on the Profit First principles, because that book is a must for any entrepreneur or any business owner that starts their own.  It shows you exactly what you need to do to get comfortable with your cashflow. 

Unfortunately, even if you read that book - you might still be scared of the numbers or  overwhelmed with the implementation. And that's why we are here and that's what Profit Hackers is for.

 Profit Hackers is your ultimate safety blanket to guide you through everything you need to know, over the next 12 months, in order to create the profitability you've always wanted in your business, and more importantly, have the stability you've always craved.

Profit First is just one of the tools in our Profit Hackers Toolbox.

Imagine wanting to take a month off to go do whatever it is that you want to do in your life and having your business continue to run and generate profit - without you. 

Now you might be sitting there thinking, okay, financial management is super important, but it scares the hell out of me. I do my own numbers. More importantly, I already pay someone every single month to do this. Well, this is exactly what's keeping you below the £10,000 a month profitability line. If you want to hit over that line and start taking home the money that you truly want to take home, then you need to pay attention.

And it's not difficult. Once you start realizing how many little profit leaks you can plug, tax breaks you can claim and how many profit generating strategies you can achieve - essentially, from all the businesses that I've worked with, you can start applying their methodologies and strategies to your business today and start seeing a drastic upturn in your revenue, your profitability, and more time to do what you love, with the people you love."

 Lisa Dickson



What is it?
  • It’s financial coaching to help you get clear on what you want to do with your life and the profit goal you need to achieve to make that happen
  • ​​It’s financial mentoring to help you achieve your business goals and support when you need it.
  • ​​It’s an online membership with profit masterclasses that you can consume at your own pace and refer back to when you need to. 
 Imagine being able to wake up in exactly 12 months from now, you've got all your finances and everything under your command and you are consistently achieving your profit goals..

Things that are keeping you stuck...

How to get unstuck, transform your profits and take home more money.

  • ​​​​Lack of Control: You don't have control over your cash so you are making emotional not rational decisions about where you spend your money.  Cash comes into your bank account - you get excited when you see your bank balance - and then you rush to spend it on the next shiny thing, the next system, the next course, the next 'earn a million from your FB group in 24 hours program'. In your first 12 days in Profit Hackers > we will introduce you to Profit First and show you how to implement this revolutionary system into your business.  
  • Lack of Focus: You don't really have a plan to make a profit, so you get caught up in the day to day work of doing the work for your clients - so your business comes last.  Too busy working in your business, you never work on your business. In your first 12 weeks in Profit Hackers we will show you how to create and action a simple, achievable 90 Day Profit Plan  that will help you stay on track with your own profit goals and achieve the first  of your many quarterly profit payouts!
  • Lack of Visibility: You don't really have a clear direction, nor do you know your numbers.  You don't know what makes profit, or where your losses are. You don't know if you owe your business money, or if it owes you.  You don't know what it takes to build a business that can scale profitably.  In your first 12 months  in Profit Hackers > we will show you how to track your business, measure it and manage it to maximise and scale profitably. All without overwhelming you with numbers.


Step By Step...

and put YOUR Profit First…

12 Day...[FREE TRIAL]


Let’s start with your profit in mind. Our first job is to help you implement Profit First into your business. Essentially a simple but innovative cash management system where you can measure the financial health of your business by looking at your bank balances.   

12 Weeks…


Let’s set a simple actionable 90 day profit goal that you can achieve. Work that plan to achieve your goal with 5 day profit sprints. Celebrate your success, do something memorable with a quarterly profit payout. Feel awesome with that profit in your pocket! 

12 Months…


Every business has a path to profit. It is our job to help you find yours and build a business that is permanently and substantially profitable. Know your numbers and start to love them as you repeatedly achieve your profit goals. One 90-day profit plan at a time.

Take Home Reality?


We are on a mission to help 1000 entrepreneurs achieve a £10k monthly take home

You don’t need a 7 figure business to achieve a 6 figure take home pay…

Let’s say you are a small business turning over £100k a year, but with 42% costs currently taking home £4698 per month… 

Let’s assume you keep that level of cost (well, let’s say 40% as that’s what I modelled) – you would only need to grow sales to £246k a year to take home £10k per month.

Say you were able to reduce costs to 30% of income – you would only need to sell £211k of your stuff to take home £10k per month. (Actually, it’s more because of your directors salary!). 

Now say you had to take on some staff and your costs grow to 50% of your income – you’d have to sell £296k of stuff a year to take home £10k per month.

That sounds achievable, right??

“There is no magic, no trickery, no get rich quick scheme – Profit Hackers is just REALLY good, ACTIONABLE business practice – done efficiently, done effectively and done profitably. One step at a time. ”
– Lisa Dickson




Set profit goals that you can achieve without stress or overwhelm.


Achieve that goal, celebrate success with your profit payout


Keep more of the money you make without working any harder.


With your simple 3-page 90 day rolling profit plan.


So, you have 3-6 months of contingency funds.


By implementing profit positive habits.


Simple strategies to work smarter, not harder on profit creation.


Simple tools, systems and strategies to get more 
done in less time.


Know your numbers  so you can make more profitable decisions

What Do You Get When Joining The Membership?

Everything you need to turn your business into a lean, mean money-making machine



Simple, actionable and effective profit hacks that you can implement in your business today to drive profit into your bottom line


VALUE £147

Live weekly workshops sharing a new profit boosting strategy to protect your business, boost your profits, save time, and achieve your take-home pay target


VALUE £247

Implementation sessions via Zoom to help you stay on track and hold you accountable to your profit goal


So much profit generating goodness!...

VIP Facebook Community with Lisa and Harry
Value Priceless!!

Masterclass Library
Value £1997

Checklists, Templates, Cheatsheets & Tools
Value £247

5 Day Profit Sprints
Value £247

Profit First Implementation
Value £497

90 Day Profit Planner
Value £247

What do clients and members say about us?

Lisa and Harry make accounting quick, efficient and dare I say fun? They find shortcuts for everything financial. They have saved us time and money by cutting out unnecessary accounting admin. A pleasure to work with!

Tessa Meadows-Smith
RMS Recruitment

From accounts package to payment systems to management accounts and meaningful KPI reports. All that a growing business could ask for.

Mark Johnston
Vetstream Ltd

Profit Hackers Is For You 
If You Are Experiencing Any Of These


You are the last to be paid...

Once you have paid all your bills, there is often not enough left in the bank to pay you, if you get paid at all of course.

Your hourly 
rate sucks...

You are the hardest working employee in your business but if you calculated your hourly rate – it would make you cry.

You dread 
tax bills...

You don’t have cash put aside, so when it’s time to pay your tax bills you have to borrow the cash from somewhere else.

Your bottom line is suffering...

On the outside everything looks rosy but on the inside you are hemorrhaging cash have nasty profit leaks you can’t control.

You have no plan...

You know you need a plan. You always intend to write a plan but you are so busy with the day to day that it never happens.

You just want more...

You want more profit and more take-home pay, you have dreams, goals and plans – you just need a little support.


We have helped many clients and members achieve their profit goals.

From £10k monthly take home to a £1m annual dividend.

From their first Tesla to their dream home.

From debt-burdened to debt-free.

We’ve used this very Blueprint of course to take time out with the family, travel and still run a a multiple 6 figure business that continues to grow, profitably.

What will you do with yours?

What Profit Hackers is NOT…

It is not an accountancy service. You can keep your favourite accountant and still join Profit Hackers. It’s a profit-generating mastermind – run by accountants. Who help clients generate profit . A lot.

First 14 days

1) IMPLEMENT Profit First. Set up your bank accounts. Start waterfalling cash.

2) INSTANT PROFIT wins to start creating new profit today.

3) CREATE your first actionable and achievable 90-day profit plan.

After 14 days

4) ACTION Your 90 Day Profit Plan with daily profit hacks and weekly profit sprints.

5) FIND and fix those profit leaks. Monthly masterclasses, support and actionable profit creating workshops.

6) RECEIVE the first (of many!) profit payouts!

From Day 1

7) SHOW UP and prioritise profit with daily money mastery sessions

8) DO THE WORK to put your profit first creating consistent, persistent profitable habits

9) REAP THE REWARD with a permanently profitable business!


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